100k Factory Review and Bonus – Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth

Working anywhere from the world? Make money by setting up websites and monetizing them? YES! It is possible and I have been a part of it! I joined the 100k factory from Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton and followed their plan to build a profitable business, completely based online! These guy are also responsible for other, extremely successful online trainings like the Trinity Code, eFormula evolution (eCommerce Course) , CrowdForce, Blueprint Pro and a few others.

Now lets take a look inside the members area – 100k Factory Review

100k factory review

Being able to work for yourself is something of a Holy Grail when it comes to employment. In times past, it was found by starting up a small store of some kind, or perhaps a local restaurant. This worked, but the simple truth was that it didn’t work nearly as often as many people wished it would. There were only so many customers one could get, and they were trying to break into a market that was already saturated with similar businesses.

The rise of the internet changed all of that. Now instead of being forced to open up a local business, the potential customer base was the entire world. While that’s a bit of hyperbole, it’s only a bit. The simple fact is that the internet has allowed people to make the most of a huge number of business possibilities. Everyone from creative types to sales oriented types have been able to utilize the internet in order to make money and work for no one but themselves.

Unfortunately, this meant that products teaching people how to make money on the internet became a market in and of itself. And like every market, it soon became saturated with products that were nothing more than snake oil, made of nothing but lies and sawdust. That can make it incredibly difficult to actually learn how to make a living on the internet. Even if you want to make a living out of selling people books about how to make a living, these books don’t even tell you how to market such a book!

Into this market comes the 100K Factory bonus, a comprehensive course outlined by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. What is it? How does it work? And perhaps most importantly, can it actually help you learn how to make money on the internet?

What Is The Course?

training modulesAs stated, the 100K Factory is a program written and taught by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton. It’s a program that claims to help you learn how to make 100K a year (hence the clever name) via adsense, affiliate marketing and private labeling.

This may seem like a high mark, but when you compare it to other programs it’s actually quite reasonable. Many similar programs talk about helping you learn how to make millions, which is patently ridiculous. No one actually makes that amount of money from affiliate marketing alone, and to promise that you could make that amount of money is nothing more than false advertising. So right out of the gate, the Course sets its goals a bit more realistically. The same goes for their Trinity Code and eFormula Evolution, which helped people start and build an online business.

That said, even making one hundred thousand per year is a bit high. However, Clayton and Booth understand that, and when you begin actually looking into the program you’ll see that they talk about that issue. You might think that that is a hyperbole, but they can prove that plenty of people have managed to make that amount of money. Still, they’re quite honest about the fact that 100K is the high mark. Most people won’t manage to make that amount, and those who do are those who have not only put nearly insane amounts of work into their business, but have also managed to hit a bit of luck.

So given everything, the training is already winning points by being more honest than any other program out there.

What Does The 100K Factory Course Offer?

Let’s not beat around the bush; the training is expensive. You’ll be looking at paying $2947 for this course, and that’s no small chunk of change. It would be easy to say that it’s well worth the cost, and while that may be true it’s hardly comforting. Especially because much of what the program offers is the same sort of thing that you can get from other, similar programs. In other words, you’ll have access to a number of PDFs, web videos, and other such things that will help you learn the tricks of the trade.

However, that’s hardly worth the steep price tag. So what could possibly justify the hefty price? The fact that the training is an 8 week program, taught directly by the creators. It also includes access to specialty software that helps you build websites according to tried and true templates, templates that have been proven to bring in money time and again.

You may be wondering how that could possibly be worth the price. After all, if you look at other affiliate marketing programs on the internet, you’ll see that many of them offer things like 1 on 1 training and access to software. However, if you look a bit more closely you’ll find that those programs charge extra for those things. To the point that when you add up all the costs and fees, you’re looking at a price tag that’s much higher than the $2947 price tag on the 100-K Factory.

That means that once again, most other affiliate marketing programs try to obfuscate and deceive right out of the gate. They offer a low price, but that low price doesn’t give you access to all the tools you need to actually be successful. If you want access to the tools you’ll actually need, you’ll have to pay through the nose. By contrast, Clayton and Booth simply tell you up front how much the program is going to cost. They don’t pretend the PDF and video material alone is going to teach you what you need to know. They’re honest about the fact that you’ll need hands on, one on one training to help you learn the ins and outs.

Is It Worth The Cost?

At the end of the day, there’s only one question that matters. Will this program actually help you earn money? The short answer is “yes, but”. The more detailed answer is that it can help you earn money, but it’s not a magic wand. It’s not a machine that you can give three grand and get an automatic 100K a year. It’s a program, a teaching tool, and a process. Clayton and Booth have put together a course that will teach you everything you need to know in order to accomplish what they promise you can accomplish.

It’s up to you to be able to put that knowledge into practice.